Beijing Qinghe three Wool Textile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Woolen Textile Group) is an enterprise group with the main direction of science and technology textile, with a registered capital of 345 million yuan. It is a state-owned wholly owned enterprise funded by Beijing fashion Holding Co., Ltd. in Beijing.

The predecessor of the woolen textile group was the Pu Li leather company, which was established in Beijing in the Qing Dynasty in 1908. In 1912, Mr. Sun Zhongshan visited the factory and called it a model of learning advanced technology in the West. After the founding of new China, it developed into a number of modern wool textile enterprises, such as Beijing wool textile factory of Beijing Qinghe Mao textile factory, Beijing woolen factory and so on. In 2007, it was reorganized by several large wool textile enterprises.

At present, the group has 8 wholly owned, holding and shareholding subsidiaries, such as Beijing Jing Lan nonwovens Co., Beijing Pu Li import and Export Co., Ltd., Sino US joint (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing fashion week limited liability company, and other three major business sectors: first, medical and health materials business. Under the banner of "Jing Lan" non-woven products, currently is Fujian Heng An Group, Indonesia SOFTEX, the United States Kimberly and other well-known enterprises designated by domestic and foreign health care non-woven products suppliers. The two is internal and external trade. Pu Li import and export company is an important support for the main business of the group.

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